Hear me Roar

Bravetank finally reentered the dungeon world today after quite some time away. I decided to go into my old favourite Dire Maul – Gordok Common. I’ve been in there so many times some of the mobs no longer attack me and instead give me a little wave. I have after all been crowned their king […]

Pandarian Quests

I like to be ahead of the game so when I heard the Mists of Pandaria news yesterday (after checking for the 100th time this was no cruel elaborate hoax to entertain the crowds at BlizzCon) I began to look into pandas with my research partner Mr Wiki Pedia (always reliable). What I wanted was […]

A Styleesh Hallow’s End

Ooooh Hallow’s End  begins today 18 October (actually because of time zones not sure if that is actually my 18 October 2011 or someone else’s that begins tomorrow, or another from yesterday, next week or last year). I’ve never done much festival stuff in WoW.  To be honest I’m not that much of a traditionalist […]

The 5th Realm

I’ve been thinking a lot about the realms in WoW and the choice we have – PvE, PvP, RP, RPPvP  (and probably some other combination of the letters E,P & R that I’ve overlooked). It’s just not enough. I’m concerned that a certain category of player is being completely overlooked in the current set up. I […]

Greetings Friend

I make it a point to always say “Hello” when I go in a dungeon. I used to say “Hi” but I’ve discovered “Hello” gets more responses (more detailed statistical analysis to follow). “Hello” breaks down social barriers in a way “Hi” doesn’t. Have considered other greetings in the past. Seen the odd “Yo” but […]

Glyphs Galore

Fantastic new announcement today – have you heard? New glyph system for dungeons based on the role you play rather than your class. Completely different from anything we’ve ever seen before. I’ve read some pre-patch notes on what the Prime glyphs are going to be like. Have a feeling we’re going to be wondering how […]

The Righteous Fury Poltergeist

A while ago I posted about a dark day in my tanking life – actually they’re all pretty dark seeing as they’re all set in dungeons (boom boom- my jokes are reaching new heights I know – not good heights admittedly but new ones anyway). I had forgotten to put righteous fury on and was […]

The Tanking Road to Recovery

What is it with people and speed in the game? Last night and this morning I’ve been in groups where one person has wanted to blitz through at the speed of light. What are they rushing for. Life is but one long journey to the grave after all- why hurry there? Actually really enjoyed last […]

Syntax Error

Feeling all nostalgic today. Been tempted to log back into Realms of Despair and see if it can still hold the old magic for me. Not sure if any of you ever played it (or still do)? RoD is a text based mud that I stumbled across years ago and got very addicted to for […]