Level 1 Dungeons

Wasn’t going to post today but have to write to block out the sound of the news relentlessly going on and on and on about the fact it will now cost 5p every time you need a carrier bag in Wales. Why is this news? Why? It’s a good thing to do for the environment and many of us are using the hard core bags for life anyway – if we forget them we need to pay the price (rather that be 5p than be taken outside and beaten which is how the news is making it sound). One woman interviewed said 2p was fine, but 5p no. What? Does the extra 3p per bag really make a difference (yes I know it does if you use 150 bags a year which is what the average Welsh person does apparently but…oh god see what I’m doing … I’m talking about these bloody bags too when I’m trying to escape them). Anyway “Mrs  2p is ok but 5p is extortionate” – do it for your ancestors – they will thank you when they’re not wading knee deep through piles of carrier bags that will take a 1000 years to disintegrate (yet another fact I learned today) just to get to the local store for their vitamin pill and botox injection (this is how I imagine daily life in the future – my life anyway).

Ok off that particular soapbox. Quickly jumping onto another one. I’m in that sort of mood today.  It’s this heatwave – it’s messing with my head and making me feel guilty for staying indoors playing WoW when apparently I should be sitting on a beach eating ice cream and making inane comments to journalists about how weird it is that it’s sunny and Christmas cards are being sold in shops. Yes so weird. Philip K Dick – quick write about it and blow all our minds. Who needs Inception when we have Santa in the Sun. Please tell me why this is also a subject for the news?

Anyway the soapbox – the WoW related one anyway – Dungeons from level 1.  Why can’t we have them? I have decided I hate levelling out in the world of Azeroth. It involves too much running around at the very time I hate running around (when I’m mountless). It also makes me feel lonely. I become a lonely quester and that’s not good. It makes me over excited when I run into an NPC. I seem to have turned into a real WoW socialite. It’s so strange. I used to love being a soloer. I hated it when someone asked me to group (even if it was my husband!). My happiest times were questing alone. (I particularly disliked grouping with my husband on quests because he cannot see a mine without having to stop and mine it. It’s a compulsion. He sees little heaps of money where I see boring old ore. Ironically I’m often a miner too. A fairly unsuccessful one. A miner who hates to mine with an aversion to picks). But anyway how things have changed. The lonely trek from 1-15 on my Draenei shadow priest Styleesh is killing me. She’s 11 and a half at the moment and every time I log on I want to cry.

LFD has clearly spoiled me. On all my recent characters from Level 15 up I have remained trapped in so many dungeons that Amnesty International emailed me to make sure I was ok. And the levels have flown. In fact I think I forget to look at my levelling bar when I’m in dungeons – I’m too busy frowning at Recount and Omen. And I’ve enjoyed playing my particular classes the way they are means to be played in dungeons (well I think I’m playing them that way – some groups would beg to differ of course). The group dynamic and the sense of having a specific role has transformed the game for me. I never knew what I was  missing previously.

So 1-15 now feels like torture – an ironic dungeonless torture. Of course it’s nice not meeting any annoying players I guess. But it seems I’m even missing them at the moment. I’m missing the abuse. At least it’s a form of interaction – yes?

So why can’t we have dungeons from level 1? Just think about it. All we need is a building, mobs, a couple of turns, more mobs, some more turns, a bigger scarier mob, end of dungeon (yes I’m a games designer in the making).

It could work like this in the human starter zone –  the blackrock orcs that are currently overrunning the vineyard could be in the Abbey. That’s it. That’s all you’d need to do. Some Blizzard employee could whip that up in their lunch hour I’m sure. Then for example a level 1 shadow priest (basically priest at level 1 of course – but with an interest in the shadow side – I see that as a tendency to make shadow puppets on the wall when no one is looking) could just stand at the back and smite, other dps, tanks, healers could do their thing. The mobs could be level 6 say rather than level 1 so it takes 5 people to kill them (or whatever the whizzy dungeon mob formula is). It would mean that from the word go you’d learn to team up, play your role, be polite etc (theoretically or you’d learn level 1 type abuse like “learn to walk noob!!!”)  Could lead to some fun times. Perhaps no one in the dungeon would actually know any spells or abilities and would try to make friends with a mob. But there could be helpful pop-up tutorials to get you going. And when you come to the big boss mob (some scary level 8 orc – maybe Hogger’s younger brother or something) a message could come up to say “Ok Mr Tank you need to hit first, no not you dps, stop doing that, hunter what’s your pet doing, healer wake up!” – you know that kind of thing.

Oh I’m so excited! Where’s Blizzard’s email? Why hasn’t this been done before? Could they do it by tomorrow to save me another 3 and a half painful levels (in Bloodmyst Isle as well ) until I finally get to the Deadmines.

Northshire Abbey- the first level 1 instance. Coming soon if I have my way.


7 thoughts on “Level 1 Dungeons

  1. Well as great as you discribe it….I have lost the faith in the community that it would work like that…even with pop up tut…tuto…tete….toto..tutori…thingies. (failed english on that word sowwy^^)
    It could be fun….I agree…but…well…nvm…good story once again ^^

    Hows recruiting going by the way ? 🙂


    1. Recruiting is …well…very quiet! I’m going to log on later and try another publicity drive!! And I must do some tanking today. Feeling guilty it’s been a few days!

  2. You mentioning hunters make me think of how ludicrous it is that from level 1-10, hunters have absolutely NO control over their pets. At all. Why bother?! May as well go back to having hunters tame their own pets at level 10 with full control and the pet’s first abilities. It’s not like the pet can hold aggro *anyway*, so there goes that.

    I foresee many shennanigans with hunter pets if lvl 1 dungeons come about. lol And many frustrations. Okay, you can have your soapbox back. Sorry, didn’t mean to grab it from you. /blush /ashamed

    1. You’re very welcome to the soapbox! And I agree. I don’t really understand the point of the hunter having the pet from 1 but no control at all. It would probably be mayhem in a dungeon the more I think about it!

  3. I like that idea. Maybe if I’d started doing instances at level one I wouldn’t have had time to realize I didn’t know what I was doing and by the time I realized, maybe I would have known what I should be doing,

    How is the new guild doing?

    1. Exactly. It would be great. Two wonderful people joined the guild yesterday – I say people but they are gnomes. They’re way too good for my guild but I’m delighted they’ve joined!! (Thank you both 🙂 )

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