Midnight Feast Musings

I wish I could submit a Breakfast Topic for WoW Insider. I have the perfect one. But I’m not allowed to because I live outside the USA. That’s not WoW Insider’s fault. And it’s not my parents fault for being Welsh- just lost that argument on the phone with them. It’s something to do with the Seed service they use. Anyway my husband refuses to move to the States so I can submit a Breakfast Topic (he can be unreasonable but I don’t like to moan) so I’m writing it here instead. But so I’m not sued for copyright issues it’s not called a Breakfast Topic. It’s called Midnight Feast Musings – which I’ve now copyrighted in case Wow Insider loves itΒ  (yes I am writing again from crazy fantasy land – nice view here).

Ok so what is my Topic…sorry…Midnight Feast Musings. It is “When was the moment in WoW when you discovered your class’s ability that made you feel super awesome?” Not just “oh this game could be fun” (me killing a squirrel in WoW for theΒ  first time…joking ….please PETA no angry emails…I’m a squirrel loving vegetarian honest…although a squirrel did once throw nuts aggressively at my husband but that’s another story). Not just “oooh look what my toon can do” (I got that the first time I jumped and I now realise it’s not that big a deal …stands up and jumps again just to prove it). No- super awesome.

It’s kind of typical for me but my super awesome example is not mine but my husband’s. He does all the cool stuff. But the laws of common law that govern UK marital law mean all his great achievements, feats and triumphs are mine to enjoy vicariously. And I was looking over his shoulder when it happened so it totally counts.

Ok the moment – it involves Mor’Laidim. Tragic story that isn’t it? I wish we did not have to kill him. Can’t we counsel him? I did try using the Say Channel to do that but he didn’t let me get very far. I love the end scene (SPOILER ALERT for that one person out there that is still doing this storyline and doesn’t know how it turns out) when the ring is laid on the grave and he appears. It’s a travesty it’s not been recognised in the Oscars. Anyway I love feeling that I’ve given him peace and he can rest at last. I walk away happy swinging that cool sword he gives over my shoulder (another reason not to walk behind me if we’re in a group by the way).

But then you log in as any other character and start killing him (scratch that…being killed by him) again and again. I don’t want to do that. Can’t it end? But he offers that sword. And I really like that sword. So I kill him over and over like the Guy Pearce character in Memento (but with less memory loss and tattoos).

But this isn’t one of my Mor’Laidim stories. It’s my husband’s. And it’s about him discovering just how awesome one of his class’s abilities was. He was playing his dwarf Hunter – Fidget, with his bear Claude. They’re a cute little pair. I’ve grouped with them a few times with Luxmi my shaman. They both make me feel rather tall and powerful (I’m not in real life – neither tall nor powerful I mean- so I enjoy strutting around as my shaman discovering what it’s like you look people in the eye rather than the chest, and in the case of Fidget & Claude towering over them like some hoofed Amazon).

He was fighting Mor’Laidim and it wasn’t going well. As you all know he hits rather hard. And fast. And often. It’s not particularly pleasant even when sat safely behind a monitor looking on from a very safe distance (what measurements do you use for the distance between the virtual and real world by the way….any quantum physicists out there stop playing eye spy with Schrodinger’s cat and let me know). So he was struggling. But then a group of other players appeared. Now I don’t know about you but when I was out there in the field (i.e. levelling by questing as opposed to lazing around in a capital city hitting the random dungeon finder) I used to help out whenever I saw someone fighting and struggling. As a schoolchild I was marked deeply by the story of the Good Samaritan. And the song – did any of you ever sing it…. “Cross over the road my friend, ask the Lord his strength to lend, his compassion has no end, Cross over the road (If you imagine this just being sung in a high female Welsh voice with a man’s face frowning at me from across the room you’ve just had a snapshot of my life at this very moment).

Anyway these people did not help. They just stood and watched. If I’d been logged on I would have charged for tickets and set up a quick ring & organised the fight into rounds. But I wasn’t. I was looking over my husband’s shoulder shocked at their callousness. They didn’t help.

Just about to die and absolutely desperate he hit feign death and collapsed in a little heap on the ground. I looked on assuming game over. The group in the game looking on, assumed the same thing and MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THEIR LIVES (caveat – in WoW, just on that occasion, just with those character), yes THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THEIR LIVES. In their haste to capitalise on Fidget’s tragic end they immediately started fighting Mor’Laidim – assuming Fidget was dead and they could beat Mor’Laidim while his health was down. Now I know it doesn’t really work like that. My husband and I later did a CSI reconstruction of events and we think it happened like this. Mor Laidim must have been greyed out to them because Fidget was still alive. His health hadn’t shot back up because Fidget was still alive. But they were so excited they were opportunistic. And that combination always makes people stupid (or hugely successful – it can work either way to be honest). They attacked Mor’Laidim and beat him. He joined Fidget as a heap on the ground at which point Fidget triumphantly jumped up with a dwarven “Ta Dah!!!…it’s dwarven because it sounded more like “Hi Ho”). Claude ran back to his victorious master. My husband & I broke away from the game to hug and celebrate and ring our family. It really did feel wonderful. The group that had fought him looked on in what I can only hope was sheer amazement with dawning realisation and an important lesson learned that will stay with them their entire lives. Fidget looted the corpse then skipped off to turn in his quest (ran into a pack of 5 mobs on the way mind & died a horrible death but I like to think he still had a little smile on his face).

It was amazing. My husband and I still get soppy and reminisce about it. And my husband’s total respect for Feign Death was born. It’s an amazing ability it can help you survive the attacks of a crazy maniac while teaching selfish onlookers a powerful lesson – what else in life can do that (not suggesting for one moment we all learn to feign death at difficult times though might cause quite a stir particularly if it’s just your mother asking for a favour or something).

So that’s mine (cough-my husband’s) moment when he realised than a certain ability was awesome.Β  Super awesome. And as we always do with my Midnight Feast Musings (play along with me on this and pretend I’m a professional and this is an ongoing feature)- would love to hear what your super awesome ability moments have been.

And Wow Insider….consider Midnight Feast Musings from Bravetank – you’ll be onto a winner (and any noise you might have heard then was either my nose scraping the floor again or my dignity finally exiting the room).


17 thoughts on “Midnight Feast Musings

  1. I don’t remember how it happened, but I do remeber the spell/s. Back in the early days of BC I had only just started playing WoW and my first character was a paladin. I was told by my brother, who got me into the game, that paladin’s were strong and one of the best classes. Now I didn’t not believe my brother, but I didn’t really realise how true his statement was until I found Lay on Hands (*troll face*) and the bubble/hearth combination. That was the moment I fell in love with the paladin.

    1. Yes that’s was amazing – I loved my paladin for that too. In fact at one point I remember thinking why would anyone not play a paladin! But since then I think I’ve felt that about every class I’ve played – apart from rogue for some reason!

  2. I have an affliction warlock, and her second spec is demonology just so I could turn into a big purple demon and cast Immolation Aura. Having a bad day in the real world, all I have to do it is login and ta-da! I am an all powerful demon, fear me!

    1. Oooh I have an affliction warlock with second spec demonology but I can’t do this yet (or if I can it’s bypassed me completely which is highly possible!). I just had it so I could have a cool felguard. Will definitely try this!

  3. OMG I think I love you πŸ™‚ I laughed through your whole story. My own Feign Death tale is rather less glorious. My husband and I had this cunning plan to ignore all the mobs along the way, and just run down this tower and feign death at the bottom. The reason for this was twofold. 1. It was a tower, which is shite for hunters, and 2. The mobs were rather a lot higher level than us. It was all going really swimmingly, we ran down the bottom as planned, and then our feign deaths failed because the mobs were too high level to fall for it. FAIL.

    If I had to pick something on the spot, I’d probably go for Death Grip on my DK the first time I used it. Because I felt like Darth Vadar *blush*.

    I might have to have a think and see if I can come up with something with a story though πŸ™‚

    Great idea πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! Glad you found it funny! I enjoyed writing it – remembering the glory days! Told by husband your feign death tale – when I got to the bit with the mobs being too high level he nodded wisely like a sage. But I don’t remember him ever telling me that about feign death!! Death Grip – I’ve heard about how good that is & I really want to try it. Nothing wrong with feeling like Darth Vadar! I can’t get my Death Knight out of the starting zone though – I want the people in Stormwind to hurl abuse at me but never got that far!

  4. I must say, I really love your writing ^^ Full of humour, it makes me giggle out loud. So to the topic then – hmmm…. hmm… Wait, I’ll think of something…

    Still thinking….

    Well my first real main was a druid, and I remember that I thought just being able to freely switch between dpsing, tanking and healing was super awesome. So awesome in fact I couldn’t understand what all the other stupid people were playing any other class for. But I remember that my bfs first reaction to my gear was “Sweet jesus, this is a freak show” and somewhere there I learned that being everything at once isn’t always such a good idea. I loved it while I was still naive enough to think so though!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! And I know what you mean about a druid. I used to think they had all the best qualities of every single class & I was particularly in awe of the fact they could swim and prowl (why I thought this was so important I’ll never know). Your bfs reaction is very funny!! Nice to be naive for awhile though isn’t it!

  5. From the exceedingly poor, dish-washing mini blogger …

    *showing a young-girl Shelly in rags in front of the Dalaran toy shop, with her nose pressed against the shop window*

    … to the trend-setting, world-famous phenomenon.

    *Shelly with a shining, golden shield on a black limousine mount (a crocodile, maybe?)*

    See for yourself how a small idea …

    *flash ‘Midnight Feast Musings’*

    … changed her life.

    *Shelly going in to hug her husband, then decides to shake his hand instead*

    Coming soon to a cinema near you …


    BRAVE …. tank!

    This film is not yet rated.

    1. That’s amazing!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Absolutely fantastic!!! And the film…well it’s got blockbuster written all over it πŸ™‚ Don’t forget a part for the fellow blogger who wrote one of the first comments and then introduced her to the art of RTs πŸ™‚ Critical turning points in the film. Will have dramatic music & everything!!

      Very many many thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Solo prowling through UBRS at level 59 (I think) would have to be it. I wanted the worg pup pet, and was far too shy to ask my guildies (since they were doing big important things like raiding) for help. I hadn’t been playing WoW for long when I did this, and I believe that the general skill level I’d acquired could have been called “fail.” But I was bound and determined to get that damn pet.

    Looking back, I realize I could have done a few things to make my life easier when I did this, like actually speccing feral before starting the long prowl rather than the weird and terrible mix of balance and resto skills I’d chosen. But somehow….I did it. I snuck past every mob pack in there, holding my breath as some of them turned and looked at me with that “Did you hear that?” look. And then at the end I got to the worg room, grabbed my pup, then proceeded to allow the mama worg maul me to death so I could spirit rez at the graveyard.

    And I think that’s when I realized how much fun being a druid really was. πŸ™‚

    Oh, that and throwing tranquility. Best showy spell ever! Except you know….when you accidentally click on it when everyone is at full health. And everyone notices.

    1. Second Tranquility and “getting away with stuff through prowling”… followed by frantic cat/bear and healing when detected by those darn stealth-dogs !!

      Sometimes, there’s even survival involved.

      The thing that REALLY hooked me on my druid was actually the vanilla opening cinematic. Running, running, running, SHIFT TO CAT FORM, running aaaaaand jump into the deep end. That was it. I was sold.

  7. For me it on my lock demon as a main spec. I have a friend that always wants to duel and at the time I did not pvp at all. He convinced me to duel his rogue and I unleashed every thing I had when we both got down to about 10% he disappered. Me now thinking I had lost hit soul harvest because I was out of combatas my health when back to 100k+ I heard him say over vent “Thats not even fair” only then did I relize we were still fighting only I had the upper hand. LOL

  8. Now as for a proper, standalone, reply: I have these for several classes (altoholics anonymous member as well):

    Death Knight: Playing the class at the WWI 2008 (thank you loving wife for the birthday gift !!) I had 15 minutes to explore EPL as best as I could. I pop Death Grip and BAM. Instant Mob, just add damage ! I cannot imagine (virtual) life without Improved Death Grip.

    Druid: See above: The vanilla opening cinematic of the night elf druid shifting into cat on the go and leaping off into the unknown. That and every single time I pop Tranquility. Blizz, you’re killing me. I really NEED Quadruple Spec. :-p

    Hunter: The Hunter vs World videos (google them) where some superskilled hunter solo’s impossible encounters using elaborate combinations of Feign Death (there’s that skill again), traps, his pets and invisibility potions.

    Mage: Juggling mobs with Frost spec (google “In frost we trust”). I could never stand playing Frost for long, but that video always rekindled the Mage Fire. And I say Fire because I had always preferred the “living dangerous” Fire spec. Pyroblast was just too “in your face” not too love. And more recently the Hot Streak and Improved Hot Streak talents made me cast it even more!

    Paladin: The whole, survive against all odds, motif. My pally (I’ve had several, but when I say “my pally” it’s always about my first one) used to not feel too indestructable. He’s levelled up veeery slowly over the years. From 2006 on through all the reforms. And now, since Cata, he’s a full-on tank. And yes, he’s completely awesome now. Avenger’s Shield is now my favorite skill because it stops those twiddly-fingered casters (the bane of all tanks) from just standing there instead of coming closer and “joining in on the fun” :).

    Priest: Power Word: Shield. Without a doubt. The Crowning Moment of Awesome was when my troll priest “painted himself into a corner”. You know, when you need to taverse a acre of spread out mobs. And you try to look for a way to minimize the pulls so it won’t take forever. And then you pull one unexpectantly. You manage, but now your first one is low and fleeing. And you can’t stop him cuz every offensive instant spell is on cooldown. So he pulls adds. And more adds. And the whole acre is suddenly coming closer, like a whole in the tablecloth where you pull the cloth into. And you pop shield, and you wand mobs (because you need the mana for heals and shields) and you heal, and you shield, and you wand mobs. And one by one they drop. Until in the end you’re standing there. Panting, with your mana already cheerfully climbing to 50% and your wand hanging to your shins. And you think “priests are awesome”.

    Rogue: The rogue has long hidden it’s awesomeness for me. I liked Sapping one mob while taking out his neighbour. But it never stuck. But recently it has shown itself. When 4.0 hit the ground running and subtlety (spelling?) got Shadowstep. Questing was magnificent. You finally, NOW really fell like an assasin. That and 0 second cooldown on stealth.

    Shaman: My first Windfury proc. I had read about it. But I had never gotten a shammy to L30. Again, 4.0 changed that. I got WF. I put it on my mainhand. I start questing again, all we…BAAM. The mob dies. And I went, “wooow” and “wooohooohooo” at the same time. WF had taken out 2/3rd of the mobs hp just like that.

    Warlock: A long time ago I made the suggestion that druid bears should get a Glyph to apply Lacerate when they Swipe.They got Thrash. I made the suggestion they should get a Demon Form. They got Metamorphosis. While Thrash is great. And it’s even more greater that I “foresaw” it, mate is just sweet. Now my “oldest” lock doesn’t have it yet. But he will. But that’s not why I love warlocks. It’s Life Tap. The juggling of life and health. Reverse healing, so to speak. As a lock, if one of your bars is full and the other isn’t, you’re doing it wrong. πŸ™‚

    Warrior: The whole “I’m a Warrior, hear me roar” theme is very appealing to my masculine side. But it’s Charge that did it for me. And Cleave :).

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