Healer and Tank mediation

Tanked the first Dire Maul yesterday. Think it’s Warpwood Quarter? This is one of the ones Flossy my arcane mage has already scouted for me and reported back. But forgotten the name of apparently. Good scout. On a side note – weird (to me) to think Dire Maul is in Feralas. I don’t really put them together. I remembering levelling my Ret Paladin ages ago in Feralas and being vaguely aware Dire Maul was there – I think I fought nervously on the outskirts collecting ears or something. But I didn’t do instances in those days so never finished off the last quest in the line that would have got me all the good loot. Which explains my Ret Paladin’s pitiful state. Now I’m almost purely dungeoning I find I don’t ever really think about the actual location of the dungeon in the physical (ahem…virtual) world. I don’t think that’s a good thing really. The purist in me thinks I should only be entering dungeons for the areas I’ve done all the quests in. The purer purist in me thinks I should also be reading all the books I encounter in game along the way & talking to every single npc. The “so pure I can hardly look at it for the blinding white light” part of me thinks I should at least read the quest text! I know. I know. It’s  bad I don’t. But I guess the realist in me just knows that once I’m online I’m going to hit the queue button and discover that I’m doing Scarlet Monastery for the 150th time and boy looking at the intricacy of that brickwork. My Wow life has well & truly changed.

Anyway – Dire Maul. Would be awful to have to cite that place in a divorce court (and a tad embarrassing) but it almost came to that. My healer husband took great umbrage at the fact I cast Word of Glory on myself when he was “just about to waste Layof Hands on me.” First note the use of “waste”. He is talking about saving my life. I tried not to take offence. Heated discussion followed involving words such as “trust” and “faith” and issues about vacuuming that I just threw in opportunistically.

Anyway the group would never have known this was going on in the background. We were models of in group decorum. The saracastic “I’ll heal you now unless you’re doing it yourself” was for my ears only. Finally we reached a compromise. From now on when I feel the need to heal myself (ie the green in my bar is a dim and distant memory) I must announce it so he doesn’t waste a cooldown (he’s saving them for Christmas or something). We’ll have a code word – me sighing loudly might just do it.

The tanking itself went well. I knew the way so felt confident striding out ahead of the group. Then running back when they pulled mobs I hadn’t yet cleared. Yes must sort that out I know. Confidently walking past a mob does not fool them into thinking you are one of them. Not even if you give them a little wink.

Group double standards though. Husband needed a mana break. Dutifully he annouced it in party chat. I said ok (in party chat – I am a professional) and I waited alongside him like a good little tank (we were back on speaking terms by this point). But the other three ran off. Thankfully they stopped short of actually pulling anything. But a snide comment along the lines of “Let’s get going” was said. But then later when we got to the last boss & I took a short cut (with healer) by jumping over the wall in front of them one of them said saracastically “Great team”. At least I think it was saracasm – or possibly my paranoia has reached unprecedented heights. You can’t win. You’re either too quick for the group or too slow, either too considerate or not considerate enough. I’m starting to learn the only thing you can do is be true to yourself & your own standards of behaviour (and never ever put Word of Glory on yourself when your husband is preparing to save the day with a Lay on of Hands!).


6 thoughts on “Healer and Tank mediation

  1. The LoH issue can be responded to pretty simply. “You healed me because you wanted me to live. I lived. Congratulations on your success, friend!”

    What you need is to develop that crazy, insane sense of overconfidence that most tanks get with experience. I call my warrior a superhero unironically on a regular basis, I am the champion, I get punched in the face for a living, I rule. When you’re tanking some 20-foot tall boss, try yelling “I rule, I rule, I RULE” right back at it. King Kong ain’t got shit on you.

    It might help you get that ferocious, tanking edge if you dropped the scout. When I’m in some instance for the first time and I dunno which way, I just say in group “which way” and someone will point me toward the next group. If they don’t, well I’m in charge, so I’ma gonna go thisaway. Having the healer always on your side makes it easier.

    1. Yes I definitely need to develop that crazy over confidence. I’ve had occasional flashes of it but they don’t last long – I usually make some mistake & come hurtling back to earth! Hate not knowing my way round dungeons though. Have asked the group before which way but then they just run ahead & start pulling. I definitely agree it helps having the healer onside though because they can only do that so much before they pay the hard price! 🙂

  2. “Confidently walking past a mob does not fool them into thinking you are one of them. Not even if you give them a little wink.”

    This post is hilarious, it made my morning.

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