Unrighteous apathy

Is that the opposite of “righteous fury”? Because that’s what I was enfused with in Dire Maul yesterday when I forgot to put righteous fury on. I knew I’d do it one day. It was that or forget to equip a sword or something. I was wondering why I was struggling to hold aggro and complaining bitterly about the dps of a shadow priest. Having said that the priest was annoying anyway. She announced to Anadin (healer husband) that he might as well equip as dps because she heals like “%&!#” when she is dps. She then proceceeded to pull everything, run off on her own, not help any of us when the tree things grouped up against us and in the end left without saying goodbye. She was the archetype uber player I suppose and irritating as hell.

Anyway I struggled through most of the dungeon with my aggro issues, despairing of my ability to ever be a proper tank. Then I remembered righteous fury (my guardian angel might have stepped in at this point- my ineptitude at WoW finally even getting to her). And then boy did the world change. It was a real Buffy theVampire Slayer moment – when the tide turns in the fight and she takes down all the vampires that previously were beating the crap out of her. Awesome,

But the dungeon did not come without a price. I realised my husband needs some lessons in basic “how to follow the tank” steps because for some reason he kept losing me and then getting attacked and for some reason this was my fault. Now yes I know a tank is supposed to look after the healer but until WoW introduces handcuffs for tank & healer I have to rely on his ability to at least generally head in the same direction as me – surely? And not to go running off with the dps who are getting excited because they sighted a chest in some distant place. Oooh shiny shiny chest – and off they all run. Grrrr.

But we did it. And for once I actually knew my way round. This is down to Flossy my arcane mage who has the responsibility of going in dungeons I’m due to go in as a tank & memorising the route. Luckily she has a good memory what with all that intellect she is stacking. It is helping me out no end. Though I have to keep remembering with Sparci that I’m the tank and not able to lounge around at the back of the pack throwing out occasional exorcists like some coasting dps (controversial I know but this blog is cutting edge 🙂  )

Had a good and a bad experience as a healer the other day. The good was the fact the tank and I were getting on wonderfully- it was all working well. But that was mostly because we were at war with the 3 dpsers -actually probably only 2 because one said he was multiboxing. Not sure if I believe him. He was having some interesting debates with himself at some points if he was and his  argument with himself about some loot was just plain vicious. Anyway the dps took against me and the tank because we said the tank should pull. I know- the shock of it. They proceeded to be rude and obnoxious and then decided -unbelievably – to commit mass suicide. As much as I was healing them so they were throwing themselves into more and more mobs in the quest to die. Now as you may know I believe in the right to choose but the frustrated medic in me came out & I was determined I wasn’t going to lose anyone on my watch. So I dug deep. Real deep. It was like the end scene from Scarface but with me throwing out out heals instead of bullets like a woman possessed. And for one brief moment I thought I could do it. But no. It wasn’t to be. And as the blue bar disappeared I realised it was a futile endeaviour. If someone really wants to die they always find a way. Eventually they & I were dead. The tank was already rotting. Actually he and I were by now only whispeing to each other – we had to keep our next plan secret from them. This was to reenter the dungeon & do it on our own without them. But we didn’t want them to know we were going to do this. I think madness had set in by then to be honest. With hindsight not sure how we intended to keep our little dots hidden from them on the map. And I know these are not called 5 man dungeons for nothing,  but war does strange things to the mind. By then I was metaphorically sewing myself up like Rambo in First Blood and swearing vengeance on the lot of them. So we crept in and reconvened in a little passage way. They were off somewhere else in the dungeon- whooping, smashing mailboxes, that sort of thing. He whispered “Let’s wait a bit & see if they leave.” I was a bit disappointed with that though. I wanted to go out blazing & if we ran into them so be it. They would come off the worst – I’d heal the life out of them (makes no sense but as I say our minds had gone by this point). But we waited a bit. After a while, bored, they came looking for us & started dancing around us – trying to get a reaction. We stood still like statues – found myself holding my breath in the real world – but it was starting to bore me too & seemed a bit pointless. The tank must have felt the same because he started fighting and they joined in. And I healed them again – even though they were undeserving and obnoxious, rude and offensive. I healed them because a healer’s love is unconditional (who knew life in Wow could be so profound!). But then it all disintegrated again. The tank lost connection and left. They said he “ragequit”, announced job done & left, leaving me alone in the dungeon. That happens way too often. I left feeling ambivalent about the whole thing. I had healed them so had the moral highground I guess but their awful behaviour meant my faith in humanity had died just a little bit more. And then I watched the news on TV, and it died even further. Life eh?


4 thoughts on “Unrighteous apathy

  1. 😦 Sorry you had such bad experiences. People in this game are indeed morons at best sometimes. You’d think after waiting through the insane length of a dps dungeon queue they’d have the sense to behave themselves lest they be vote kicked for their behavior, but that doesn’t seem to be the case usually.

    1. I suppose the fun for some of these people is the bad behaviour. I don’t get it myself but that seems to be what they enjoy. It was a shame because I really liked the tank. It’s surprising how happy I feel when I get a good group. It’s such a rarity I celebrate all day!

  2. “Then I remembered righteous fury”

    Yup, happens ta all of us tanks every now and thens. I remembers tryin’ fer ta tank the James Brown boss in FoS withouts bein’ in defensive stance (I’d just done a talent switch). Weren’t pretty, but life went on.

    1. It’s funny – I remember reading another blog post about it before I started to tank & thinking I must always remember righteous fury. And then I go & do it. I can’t believe how good it is though- I really noticed when I didn’t have it!! I have another righteous fury confession – when I was levelling my first ever character – also Paladin- I had it on all the time when I was questing because I thought it was good to incease my threat when I was out alone & fighting. More threat, mobs get scared, fight less effectively – that was how I think my reasoning went!

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