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Pulling Power

Some good news today about my Wow life – although very little about the tanking part of that life.

Actually that’s not really true. I plucked up the courage, took a deep breath & entered Scarlet Monastery Cathedral. First time through was not so great. We wiped once and when we re-entered they were all in the corridor. One of the DPS told me to stop bashing them away- at least I think she meant me. However, I’m a Paladin & didn’t think I bashed. I frantically looked along my tool bar for the offending button but couldn’t find anything that described bashing. In the meantime I was dying a fast death at the hands of ten scarlet crusaders while my husband helpfully announced from the other side of the room that he hated healing & was never setting foot in this dungeon again.

Anyway I decided my AoE was too potent and was pulling too much so I throttled back on that (I’m making up my own tanking Wow lingo now) and focused on crusader strike & judgement. It was not fast but was effective and we managed to get out of the corridor.

The rest of the run was fine. We took it very slow in the cathedral but nearly everything was already dead in the corridor so that wasn’t hard. We carefully did not pull the boss you’re not meant to pull until all the mobs are clear (the “stop bashing” dps did call someone an idiot at this point for venturing too close but I was too tense to rebuke her). At the end she even told us it was a good run. She was definitely the wise old slightly bullying owl of that party.

Somehow somehow I convinced my husband to come in that dungeon again with me the next day. Actually I say somehow but it was easy- I just told him we had quests to turn in. A yellow question mark never fails to get him excited – I’m expecting a negligee with it embroidered on for Valentines Day. So we entered again & this time we did it easily, smoothly & without any wiping or hand to hand combat in the corridor. I was over the moon. It really did feel like I’d learnt something!

Giddy with success I then entered Uldaman. Interesting place. I’ve only ever seen it while chasing after someone while healing (in which case I was fixated on action bars & shaking) or  as my affliction warlock (in which case I was fixated on recount & weeping). So this was my chance to actually see the place.  Or it would have been if two dps hadn’t been having a constant argument throughout about which way was the best way to go. Lost and bewildered I followed whoever sounded more convincing and flailed wildly at whatever flew towards me. Was not the coolest look for a tank. But messy though it was I kept aggro & again we did not wipe. I think my husband enjoyed healing this one. At least there were less bitter mutterings from that corner of the room for the duration.

So all in all some good tank runs. But these fade into comparison by the fact not one but two people have recently complimented me on my healing!!! Not while I was tanking you understand (I know women can multiskill but even so …), but while I was Androse my Holy Paladin. I was over the moon both times. Can I check though?   ❤ is a compliment yes? Please say yes and don’t post a comment saying it means “You suck” or something because I was very grateful in my response to the person who said it & they’d have thought I was quite mad (or bitingly saracastic which isn’t so bad). I twice healed the groups through those stairs in ZulFarrak. I found it really stressful but somehow managed to keep them all alive. Amazing how long one can go without breathing when four cartoon characters on screen need you to keep some green bars full.

And then I went into Dire Maul as my arcane mage. This is my kick back & enjoy myself character. No pressure. No responsibilities. Just three buttons and awesome power. And now I have Decursive as well (I think that’s what it’s called) I can also usefully cure my group from potentially fatal curses with a lazy click of my left button. I feel like a god. The healer announced dictatorially when we entered, “No massive pulls please.” I was quietly impressed. As both healer & tank I usually end up doing what I’m told & apologising to the group for everything that goes wrong even if I was nowhere around when it did or their were pulling everything in sight like some drunken guys in a seedy nightclub.  Now that’s the way to do it,” I thought. Nobody said anything though & the tank began. He pulled ONE THING, the healer failed to heal him and he died. Then the other two DPS died. Then the healer. Then me (blinking away madly in a corner). The healer then typed in chat, “I told you no massive pulls”. I couldn’t believe it! The tank said, “I can’t pull anything smaller!”  The healer then complained bitterly at the rate at which her mana goes down (and we worry about war and famine) and then asked for directions back into the instance. She was …unusual. We did about 10 more mins of the dungeon and then she left without any warning.  She is the very reason  I won’t run with any healer other than my husband. I cannot put my life (ok my green bar) in the hands of someone like her. The thought is terrifying.


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