I’ve never seen a tank as slow as that

Ok I ended this evening hiding out as a dps mage! Not good. There were some high points but lots of low despairing ones too…

I selected Maraudon Earth Song Falls. Weirdly never been there before although I thought I had done all the dungeons for 30s-early 40s. Anyway- it looks very pretty but I wouldn’t holiday there. Straight away a blink obsessed mage was doing all the pulling, but as I was getting the aggro as soon as I started fighting I let it be. I’m a pacifist tank at heart. It was a big mistake though. When we got to Landslide it was chaos. She had pulled everything and died right away. I was fighting-getting stunned-fighting-healing self with word of glory to help healer/husband out -surviving (barely). Another dps went down. I was just about holding on when the pulling mage said, “I’ve never seen a tank as slow as this.” I was devastated. My husband responded with, “What do you expect – all the dps are dead,” but his sarcasm fell on deaf ears as by then she’d left. Damn. Anyway I had died by then as had husband but a nice shadow priest (2nd in two days!) ressed us. The other dps corpse ran & we regrouped & carried on. The next few fights were fine & I thought perhaps the run had been saved but after reaching 40 the shadow priest left (still think he was nice though!) and we gained a new dps – a scary one – so scary I didn’t even see the class (I really do need to become observant – all I know is she was made of pixels of hate!). What followed from her was a torrent of abuse for the rest of the run. First she said the healer needed to wake up and was rubbish. Then she called me a noob tank. Then she asked us all what we were doing. My husband told her to chill and fight more/talk less – but she continued. The Princess fight at the end was admittedly manic but none of us died. I kept getting feared, used my racial, but still had problems afterwards, but we did kill her. Then she posted recount (she was 1st, I was 2nd) & said no way was she going to continue with “ccing dps”. So everyone came in for it. I felt really fed up. She then left. I said thanks and bye to the remaining two dpsers and prepared to hang up my shield forever, and said to them that I hoped it wasn’t as bad as she had said. But then something nice happened. One of them said to ignore her, they didn’t know what she was going on about and that I was good! I was so touched. I said thank you & she said, “May Elune be with you.” I left feeling all warm, fuzzy and happy. Whoever you are out there thank you so much for being nice in such a horrible situation.

But I’d had enough so went to play my no pressure easy rotation arcane mage Flossy. Mayhem ensued in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral where the tank  managed to aggro everything – I think he aggroed things that fight in other dungeons in other games! But it was so bad it was fun. Then I thought …well just one more – as dps. And where did I end up? Earth Song Falls! Good I thought- I can see how other tanks manage. And you know what- I’m no worse (I refuse to say any were bad- we’re all in this together!) The first tank died very early on  & left. I felt sorry for him. It’s awful where it all goes so badly wrong your head can only slump on the keyboard in shame. I did some fancy blinking, freezing & arcane magic to somehow stay alive. Then we had a new tank- a Pally tank – so good for me to watch. No one pulled incorrectly, we all played our roles well & it went smoothly. But even so at the last boss it was just as manic and hectic as it was when I did it. But this time there was no abuse – just good teamwork. So there you go mean dps – whoever you are. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. But because I’m a forgiving soul I must also say, “May Elune go with you”.


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