“Love me love my tank”

were the words I threw at my husband in a mini row this morning about whether or not he was prepared to be my pocket healer! Dramatic I know. It was that kind of morning and I was in that kind of mood. It was only later that I found myself musing about where this new vocabulary- tank, pocket healer etc. – was coming from and why it was now part of our conversation.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is my first blog post in my first proper blog (dabbled in the past with a few blog bits and pieces- haven’t we all- but nothing serious!). This blog is about me finding courage – courage to be that which I am scared to be in WOW – courage to be a Tank (it has to have a capital). I have recently been reading lots of sites about new tanks and the abuse they take, estalished tanks doing scary things like raids, the shortage of tanks in game, studies on why women aren’t tanks, studies on why women now are tanks and other google sites that taught me about proper tanks (big green mechanical things it seems). It’s all helped in a way – certainly I feel more informed (probably could drive one of those mechanical things in a push), but it hasn’t given me courage. The only thing that seems to do that is – first – choosing a Paladin tank (I have a level 82 ret paladin so the class isn’t totally new to me although having a shield is) and having a pocket healer- my husband- who I’ve “persuaed” to level a holy paladin to accompany me in dungeons and comfort me when dps are scary and tell me I’m rubbish.

Which brings us nicely back to the row this morning. My husband thinks the term “pocket healer” is demeaning. I think he should worry less about vocabulary and sort his action bars out but I refrained from saying that. He then threatened to level his mage (who is in a race with my shaman- yes it is all rather messy and dysfunctional) and I stormed upstairs.

Anyway we eventually compromised (it occurs to me this blog might end up being more about how to make relationships work than being brave enough to tank but I’m sure they’re interconnected in some weird way). He agreed to do 3 dungeons with me today as long as he could have 2 games of football on in the background and had lots of time on his mage. Perfect. We then went to the gym where I could listen to The Instance on the rower and get all motivated for my dungioneering later today.

So that’s what this blog is going to be about – me learning to tank as a Pally (currently in her 30s), levelling just through dungeons, and overcoming all my tank fears. I also have a holy Paladin & several dps alts all at different levels & I think they’ll make an appearance here too since there’s always some crazy group story to tell. But the blog is mainly about the tanking side of me, the scared side of me, and my quest to become a Bravetank (with my pocket healer).


3 thoughts on ““Love me love my tank”

  1. I love the idea of your blog! I too am a lady and have tanked on three classes, both leveling and at max level, and I remember my first voyages into the scarey tanking world (at level 80 in heroic dungeons). Overall now though, I find I am blissfully comfortable respeccing for those lovely call to arms tank satchels, and I really love paladin tanking!

    I’d like to see some of this reading on why girls do and don’t tank haha, share share share!

  2. Also, your “row” with the hubby greatly amused me as I also play with my significant other, and we often find ourselves in some Wow bout that we always joke about later. I know it seems like a silly think to fuss over, but it’s bound to come up every so often, at least you can laugh at it!

  3. Thank you for your positive comments 🙂 I can’t believe you first ventured into tanking at level 80 in heroics – that is so impressive! I’d never have the courage to do that!! What were people like with you then? Were they supportive or critical? I am enjoying the tanking but still find my nerves can only take about 2 runs & then I need to go for a lie down! Going to brave Dire Maul later 🙂 Yes me & hubby can have heated discussions about WoW. Earlier on I don’t think he very happy with me because I accidentally laughed when his warrior died. Probably not the most supportive I’ve ever been admittedly 🙂 We do laugh afterwards though & we have occasionally settled things in a dual 🙂

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