Just completed two dungeons – Maraudon and Scarlet Monastery Armory. Both were okay but both had odd little moments too!

In the first one the mage kept pulling but I resolved to keep my cool and as I was easily able to regain and then keep aggro I didn’t say anything. Is this a mistake? Should I be stamping my authority & starting as I mean to go on (like training a dog- something else I failed at by the way – people say my dog has trained me not vice versa!!?) But to be honest I didn’t know the way so by doing some pulling she was actually showing me the way round without me having to lose face! Pretty clever of me! So I let it go and tried to memorize the route for next time!

After the first boss the dps warrior left without saying goodbye. I always get a little hurt by this – I’m a sensitive soul. I always say hello when I come in, thanks and bye at the end etc. When I’m a warlock I give the healer a soulstone without being asked. I’m that polite! My mother brought me up well and would be proud (actually no – she’d be criticising me for spending so much time on WoW if she knew but heyho!).

After the third boss the mage left – again no goodbye but my skin is getting thicker. That left me, husband & a shadow priest who was lovely. We finished it together and my husband started to show off a little about the fact he was doing some dps as well as healing. I quietly showed him Recount on my screen and we heard no more about that! It was all good fun. My hands stopped shaking by the end (I’m terrified everytime I enter a dungeon as a tank) & I thought I might actually start enjoying this tanking lark!

Then onto Scarlet Monastery. The group was good – no mage pulling. I practiced turning the mobs around so I could see what all the dps were doing & run to save healer husband when necessary (although his shrieks from behind me in the living room are often enough of an alert….hee- he’s going to love reading this!) I was really enjoying myself – no one had died, I was keeping aggro, hadn’t got lost, all good – but then one of the dps spoiled it by saying “Gogogo”. Ahhhh! Why???? It was fine. We weren’t going too slow. It all controlled & I like control! Why do they say it?Why not stop and smell the roses – or at least blood of all the dying scarlet crusade. Ah well. Never mind. We survived and my tanking journey continues! Level 38 here I come!


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